Schnauzer Pewter Handmade Ornament

  • $18.00

Original House of Morgan design that is Hand Cast in North Carolina, established 1980.

Schnauzer: 2.25" x 2.5" approximate (please note: these are small ornaments, hand-crafted in pewter)

House of Morgan uses a lead-free pewter blend produced in Pennsylvania to ensure the combination is made of the finest lead-free alloy of tin, copper and antimony. The durability of pewter is a huge selling point! What other ornament can a kid drop or pet's tail knock over... and it not break? 

Made to be shiny but will grey naturally with age. You may restore the shine by polishing with Brasso or any metal polish that lists Pewter on the container. You may also restore the shine by polishing with a super-sheen polishing cloth or jeweler's cloth.

Hand-Made in the United States

North Carolina Family Business - BRAND STORY HAND CAST WITH HEART

This is where love lives in design, where craftsmanship crosses generations. And where works of art in pewter become your own way of expressing what’s in your heart.

North Carolina’s House of Morgan Pewter goes back over 40 years, having been passed down from founders Kent and Martha Morgan to their nephew Matt and his wife Amanda. They—along with their three kiddos chipping in—have taken a traditional art form and created a path to bring timeless gifts, heirlooms, and custom designs to you and your loved ones.

For House of Morgan Pewter it’s about art meeting affordability. And it’s most certainly a family affair. Because it’s their family mission to honor hand-craftsmanship and to give you pieces that bring you joy. For any occasion. For every season. For everyone. For you. 


Pewter does not tarnish like silver or copper, but certain living conditions like proximity to saltwater or constant handling will cause pewter to oxidize and darken. See below how to clean our pewter.

There are various pewter cleaners and polishes available to maintain your pewter. We have teamed up with our favorite American-made metal cleaning company to offer our customers Cape Cod metal polishing cloths. (Can we add a link to purchase this? We have it listed (Cape Cod Polishing Cloths)

Photos courtesy of House of Morgan Pewter.

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