Wow... decades later those words are so twisted. Unintentionally and innocently... yes. But still twisted.

On these upcoming days of Hashtags of Love (#hashtaglove) we share with most of you, a deep love for our furkids. And... animals and wildlife in general.

Those pink and red heart boxes of chocolate, and our ULTIMATE favorite Lindt Strawberries and Cream Morsels of HEAVEN that are ONLY available for 3-4 weeks a year (yes... Lindor, please feel free to provide us with a lifetime of them, thank you very much)... we might find some sweet items around the house and in our bags once again. 

Let's make sure our furkids don't accidentally find them and get ill. 

Your human kids might have lollipops and goodies from their schoolmates as well. Thatt obnoxious metallic confetti in a Valentine's (or #FriendshipDay) cards from their friends.  Even those cardboard sticks from lollipops are easily devoured. 

As with all unprofessional, unsolicited advice and knowing that I don't even play a doctor on TV nor the Internet... make sure you call your Vet or Emergency Vet Clinic if your furball gets into anything potentially toxic.

When in Doubt... CHECK it out!

We don't really "celebrate" the holiday, never liked what it does to perfectly rational people who become sad, euphoric or even desparate over some day that really has no grand relative impact, no strong religious nor cultural significance. But, we do know that to many that celebrate it, it's an important day that should be celebrated (we're talking to you Auntie L!). 

Please enjoy your family and friends. Please keep an eye out for some possible holiday hazards. And please feel free to petition Lindor for Strawberry and Cream Truffles to be around YEARROUND! 

So let's make sure we do continue to LOVE THEM to... well, a healthy long life, or the best one we can provide them as possible. 

So glad that 16 year old voice has settled down.