Rescues & Charities

It is our privilege that you have chosen to shop with us. Unlike the big online retailers, we are not saving our profits for spaceships and private islands. No fancy cars. No jet-setting here.

Our goals are simple:  to grow our business (which fuels our home/family), and pay-it-forward. One day... we'd LOVE to open an indoor pet park with our shop nestled in and space for rescues to bring pets in to see real-time socialization within the community.

But before we get lost in our Vision-Board, we'll go back to what we are doing... yesterday, today and tomorrow! 

There are so many tragic stories we see daily that break our hearts. Around the world, and here in our backyard in Phoenix and Tucson Arizona. We donate 5% of our monthly sales to support local rescues, including the ones that have brought us our own forever-furry-family member!  We focus on urgent health and safety needs.

(COMPLETED MARCH 2023: VAN PURCHASED!) We are actively (and automatically via banking) saving to purchase a cargo van to provide pet transfer services to our local rescues (if you'd like to donate one... we'd love to take it!). To be available to drive and help and give back.

We purchase urgent requested items from Rescue's Amazon Wishlists to help reduce their burdens. (Your local rescues may have the same wishlists and it's an easy way to help them with many of the basics they desperately need.)

Our desire to help extends to 2 additional charities:  St Jude's Childrens Hospital and One Tree Planted. We provide the option for our clients to donate and we will match the amounts donated. 

We do wish we could help support every organization that reaches out. Since we're super small, we have to be selective. We also are open to partner at local events. 

Local Charities we support with financial, food, returned apparel, fostering, free Pet ID tags and collars and bandanas for adoption events.

Who we support and wish we could do SO MUCH MORE for!

Local Rescues:

Love Connection Dog Rescue,, Chandler, AZ;   Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue, Tucson, AZ ;  2nd "Chance" Dog Rescue, Queen Creek, AZ  ;  AZ Friends for Life, Gilbert AZ

Additional support for:

St. Jude Connecticut Network – St. Jude Connecticut Network One Tree Planted | Tree Planting Non-Profit: One Dollar, One Tree