BOO to you! And You... and YOU!

Posted by Oliver and Noah on

Now that Disney song is stuck in our Mom's head for sure.... but we can't believe we're starting to plan for Halloween!  Wasn't Cupid JUST here...???

But we are excited to be working with our friends at Pet Krewe to offer their complete line of pet costumes. We LOVE them and our customers love their high quality costumes and a wide variety to work with those fur-kids which will only wear the bandana to the one leading the neighborhood parade!

Our personal favorite last year was the Steam Punk (still available this year) and this year's new item that we just love is the Firefighter! 

This year there are hats and collars specially designed for cats and small dogs. Plus new licensed Sesame Street wearables. Many of their costumes fit a wide range of sizes. We'll have a size guide for each one to see if you pet will fit in. 

Outside of Pet Krewe, we have a small handful of vendors that sell apparel that can easily provide a comfy and adorable outfit. Perfect for those costume parties or neighborhood shin-digs. Vendors include:  Chilly Dogs, The Worthy Dog and Silver Paw. All Small Business Orders. All companies we love working with. 

Order early. Many costumes were sold out by early September. 

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