Amazing to think February is already here. The last month has been a whirlwind. I'm amazed to think how taking a chance on buying Dog Football jersey's to customize. Boy... I learned about team colors and how passionate fans are. I am having a blast. Seeing these little jersey's all the way to the jumbo sized jersey's... and how seriously cute their fur-babies are.  And then people posting and tagging 3 Red Rovers... Oh yes, I do squeal.

And, I've taken to slowly teach myself to sew. Kind'a funny. But we'll see. While I deal with medical testing and crazy strong meds, when there's a smidge more energy, I figure I'll learn something new. I do miss working and my team. But I know I need to focus on my health. 

I'm focusing on building 4 future Breed-Life collections. My hope to find 4 great partners. Fingers crossed. Onto a new month!  Thank you for your support of our growing business.  If you haven't followed us on Instagram, please follow us at @3redrovers

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