Hey everyone... It's OLIVER here! Our Mom asked me to update the blog. Here goes...

Every year we think... are days going by faster as we get older? I remember when Christmas took 3 lifetimes before it came around again. Now Fall items are being promoted and it appears we should have already pre-purchased for Christmas season.  EEK... well, we did not.

Now, this pandemic has created both the sense of dread that we're in a horrible episode of "Palm Springs" or "Groundhogs Day". Yet, time seemed to have been able to speed up magically.

All those words to say.... sorry we haven't written in a while. We've been socially quiet as well. Equal parts work load and wanting to avoid the insanities we are seeing, from leaders to loved ones. 

But we do want to say how honored we've been with the amount of orders and return traffic to our site. Our shop and our clients continue to humble us and we're so thrilled. 

We are looking at an upcoming partnership with a Female Small Business owned organization and want to become a trusted partner with organizations with similar missions and values.

If you haven't seen our mask collection and new gaiters, please make sure to check them out!


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