How could we let today go by and not recognize the 3 Red Rovers our shop is named for: Sebastian Christopher, Maxwell Napoleon, and Jake Manuel.

National Golden Retrievers Day

Golden Retrievers, we painfully know, are highly prone to canine cancer. Hip dysplasia and vision problems. Skin allergies. Not to mention the shedding...

We just wanted to get that out of the way first. Yes, these issues are important to remember if you are interested in this breed. But know this:  they are the most amazing, loving, cuddly, connected beings. Their smile is infectious and their love is eternal. There is not a Golden who will won't stop you in your tracks. Their stars shine so bright and their love is healing.

We miss these 3 angels so much and know that the worst thing about them... and all dogs... is that they don't live longer. 

Hug your furbaby. And Happy #GoldenRetrieversDay


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