Part 1 of a new Travel Series.

A quick Google search of who certifies/verifies if a manufacturer can state that a carrier they are selling can be granted this status, is not an easy find!  What agency tracks what bags are able to state they are "Airline Approved"? Is there a logo or Icon required? Does it even have a logo? Most of these answers are an ambiguous 'not'... insert a shrugging emoticon now...

But as a retailer who is super-picky about the products we have on our shop and the vendors we individually vet to select to add to our storefront, we absolutely love working with Petote and their hand-crafted quality is 2nd to none!

I figured I would share some of what I have found in my studies with others that may be unsure.

Ultimately, each airline and even flight could vary as the airlines do have the ability to let on or deny flight for a paid passenger with their pet in a carry-on. Plus the rules do change across domestic versus international travel. 

The basics of the 'rule' is that the carrier fit underneath the seat immediately in front of you.

There are different requirements if your pet is going in the cargo of the ship.  

For both in-cabin and in-cargo options, make sure to purchase a new bag at least a week prior to travel. Help your pet get used to being in them for an extended period. 

Make sure there is proper ventilation.

Have up-to-date records readily available (vaccinations, veterinarian contact info, emergency contacts, an updated pet ID Tag and any forms required by law at the time of you travel. 

In the next few blog posts, we'll share what we have found regarding state-to-state 

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