Crystals and Silver Spikes Dog Collar

  • $23.00

Multiple Crystal and Silver Spikes available in multiple colors.

The Crystals and Silver Spikes Dog Collar in Bright colors will give your pup a sweet and sassy stylish look!

  • One row of crystals and spikes
  • 1/2" Wide collar
  • Made with faux leather
  • Durable Gun Metal Hardware
  • Buckle collar

Does your pup have an edgier side? Give you dog a fun punk look with the Crystals and Silver Spikes Dog Collar by Mirage!

This sturdy 1/2" wide collar with Crystals and Silver Spikes Dog Collar features one row of alternating clear crystals and silver spikes on a bright pink faux leather. The crystal buckle closure makes it easy to adjust to your dog's neck without a slider to cinch. 

Aside from looking cool, there is a practical reason you might like your dog to wear spikes. This spiked dog collar can offer your pup a bit of protection from overly assertive dogs that might grab you pet's neck. It's a stylish deterrent that looks great at the dog park or any puppy playdate.

This collar is a cool choice for dog-friendly concerts, for hanging out at the motorcycle shop or the local watering holes. This is one powerful pink collar that exudes feisty fun. It's the perfect accessory for your sassy lass!

There is a lot of bling and attitude packed into this collar! The multidimensional look makes it a great choice for any dog including those with fluffy or long hair.  

    Collar Sizing: 

    • Size 10
      • Total Length Of Collar: 10.25"
      • Neck: 5"-7"
      • Width: 0.5"
      Size 12
      • Total Length Of Collar: 12.5"
      • Neck: 6"-9"
      • Width: 0.5"
      Size 14
      • Total Length Of Collar: 14.25
      • Neck: 9"-12"
      • Width: 0.5"
      Size 16
      • Total Length Of Collar: 16.25"
      • Neck: 10"-14"
      • Width: 0.5"

      Manufactured by and photos courtesy of Mirage

      This product is Made in USA by Mirage Pets

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