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Juicy Watermelon Harness Dress with Leash

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Juicy Watermelon Harness Dress with Leash 

An adorable Dog Harness Dress by Doggie Design! - For small pets up to 45 lbs.

It's time to cool down with a sweet treat! This Juicy Watermelon dress will make any pup the star of the picnic blanket with the delicious watermelon slices and adorable rosette at the waist. 

  • Hook and loop closures at the neck and chest keep your pup secure. 
  • Comes complete with matching leash and D-Ring. (Size XL has a leash hole.)
  • Comes with a Re-enforced D-Ring and heavy-duty hook and loop closures.
  • Made with Cotton/Poly Blend Fabric.

With your dog looking so adorable, make sure you take lots of photos to send us! 

Machine wash, gentle cycle, in cool water with fasteners closed. Hang to dry.

      Size Guide (PLEASE measure before ordering. Chest girth is MOST important!):


      • Back Length: 8"
      • Chest: 10"-13" 
      • Neck: 7"-10"


      • Back Length: 10"
      • Chest: 13"-16" 
      • Neck: 10"-12"


      • Back Length: 12"
      • Chest: 16"-19" 
      • Neck: 12"-14"


      • Back Length: 15"
      • Chest: 19"-21" 
      • Neck: 14"-17"


      • Back Length: 19"
      • Chest: 22"-24" 
      • Neck: 19"-22"
      Photos and content courtesy of Doggie Design.
      Do you have a store location and where?
      We are still a Dog Mom and Gram-paw shop. We do have a shared workspace address and we are slowly building our inventory to begin a mobile pop-up shop to support local rescue events in the suburbs of Phoenix, AZ. We'd love to open a shop by 2023. And we pray we do!
      Can I tell you the size of my pet or send you a photo to figure out what size to order?
      We do love seeing your pet, please don't get us wrong. However, it's impossible to gauge a pet's size based on a photo and we tend to 'over-emphasize' in each of our apparel listings to PLEASE measure your pet before ordering.
      Since I don't know the exact size of the pet I'm purchasing for, can I buy several sizes worth, try them on and then return the ones that don't fit?
      We do understand that situation.  We've been there before and now being on the Seller's side, I can see the challenges it poses.  Of course, we will not deny your order for multiples for sizing, but we do ask that if there is any option to get the measurements, it's the best route overall.  Please see our Returns policy in our Policies section (can click on it in our Footer below).  When pet's try on apparel, their dander is immediately transferred to the material.  Many of the items we receive back with tags intact, are filled with pet hair and other stowaways (yep... ewwww). Most of these items then get either tossed or donated. Also, these returns will be at your expense. 
      Plus... In order to reduce our carbon footprint with unnecessary shipping, please make sure to appropriately measure your pet (or recipient pet) and check each individual item's size chart before making a purchase. Out of respect to our customers, we do not resell worn/used items - instead we donate them to our partner shelters & rescue centers like the local SPCA.
      If you prefer being sent a shipping label, we can send that over to you but we'll deduct your refund for the cost of the return label. Another option.... a gift card! 
      My pet wears a size XL (an example), why is size XL different in so many styles?

      If you're thinking.... 'this doesn't make sense'... you're absolutely correct. There is no standard across the pet-apparel industry. Sadly, there are few standards that are government regulated over food and supplement safety for America's pets. We digress....Each manufacturer determines what sizes they will design for. And within each manufacturer, they may have 3, 5, an endless number... of size charts. We work hard to make sure that each item we choose to include in our shop has the correct size chart. And we try to note when the sizes are for the smaller breeds. Circling back to that question, an XL in a Pets First pet jersey will be slightly different than the Littlearth pet jersey for the same team. However an XL Harness Dress harness would match up closer to a Small or Medium in the above mentioned pet jerseys. Because your pet us "usually" an XL in clothes or harnesses will sadly not equate to a straight-forward shopping experience.

      Are all of your products made in the USA?

      All but less than 5% of our vendor partners would be considered Small Businesses. The others are Medium-Larger sized businesses that do import many of their completed merchandise or components of their merchandise. Almost all of our vendors are vendors with 10 or less employees, many are women-owned and minority-owned. We also are proud to support Vet-owned companies as well. Within these American-based companies, they manufacturer either in the states or have their own sustainable sourcing in countries like Ecuador where 2 families handknit sweaters for generations, to Kenya for handmade collars (coming for Christmas 2022), to Canada for wonderful apparel.

      If I'm looking for work, are you hiring?

      We're still too small but hope to one day. Make sure you follow us on Instagram @3RedRovers. We will announce it there.

      What does your logo mean?

      The R's being back-to-back was a throwback to Toys-R-Us. I'm a kid of the 70's and I do miss Geoffrey. The 3 Red Dots represent my 3 Red Golden Retrievers: Sebastian, Max and Jake. The the 2 brown paws inside the R's? A nod to our 2 Chocolate Labrador Retrievers: Oliver and Noah.

      Did you have an Etsy shop called 3 Red Rovers?

      We did! We started there years ago and we've shifted from a predominantly custom to business to a more "traditional" micro-small business. If you purchased with us from before, please let us know as we would love the opportunity to help you again.

      Do you have a return policy?

      We do! In our Policies section. But we can quickly catch you up here.

      Because we're still a small shop doing business with other small shops (many of whom do not accept returns from us unless there's a quality problem), we still need to take each situation individually.  Items that cannot be returned nor exchanged:  toys, costumes, ornaments, holiday-specific merchandise, personalized items, made-to-order items (i.e., Littlearth) including items marked as "HANDMADE" (including but not limited to ,our handmade bandanas, hoodies, premium bandanas, premium handmade hoodies, face masks...); all Premier League items and specific vendors including but not limited to: Silver Paw, Snuffies, Diva-Dog, Mimi Green, All Star Dogs. 

      These would then be considered as FINAL SALES. Again, if an item is defective we'll work with these vendors to exchange the product for you and always advocate on your behalf to provide you the best quality possible.

      For manufacturers with return policies, we will not only honor it but help you get your issue resolved directly with the manufacturer, to make it as painless as possible.  Items from higher priced items from manufacturers like Petote and La-z-boy are included as well.

      If you have an unused item, please make sure to keep all of the tags. You can request a Return Authorization via email at We'll send you a confirmation email with the correct address. You will need to pay for shipping and your refund will include the cost of the item(s) returned.

      Is it safe to enter my contact info?

      We have systems in place to protect your personal information. Nor we will never publish or sell your information. Your transaction is also safe. Please make sure to make our website email address: as a SAFE address.

      We love this brand for so many reasons. First we found them as we continued to build our shop with larger sized apparel for our Big Boys. We then discovered their adorable dresses and the quality continues to impress our clients and is our brand with the most repeat customers. They take great care of us and we love carrying their great line of products.

      Doggie Design is a Woman owned small business located in Northern California.

      Doggie Design is a Designer and Distributor of Wholesale Dog Clothes, Wholesale Pet Apparel and Wholesale Dog Harnesses, Leashes and Accessories. They are located on the beautiful American River in Auburn, California.

      They have been in business since 1999, when Michele designed her very first Netted Velcro Dog Harness. Since then she has gone on to become one of the top Designers for Pet Apparel and Pet Accessories. She is truly a Pioneer, with unique ideas and styles.

      She was one of the first Designers to come out with Pet Costumes, Pet Tuxedos, Dog Harnesses, Designer Dog Dresses and Designer Dog Panties.

      Their Designs have been features in Movies, TV Shows, TV Commercials, Good Morning America, Boston Herald, Magazines, Local TV Shows, Red Carpet Events in London and Los Angeles.

      One of their Newest product additions is our Patented Ultra Choke Free Dog Harness. They continually get 5 star ratings sent from their Retail Outlets Stores. It has become the #1 Healthy and Fashionable choice in Dog Harnesses. The rare combination of Style and Pet Health and Pet Safety, are the key elements of the Ultra Choke Free Dog Harness. It is Trachea Safe, soft around the arms and has a calming comfort contoured fit. It also is adjustable to allow for Best Fit.

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