Silently Judging You Pet ID Tag - Black

  • $24.00

Small US Business Partner - made in the USA.

We all love our cats, even when they give us the stink eye as the watch us do… anything at all.

The ‘Silently Judging You’ Cat ID Tag is perfect for the cat that perches up high on the cabinets and looks down upon their kingdom with stern judgment. Watching your every move with disdain and disapproval. Taunting you as you scoop their litter box.

Their silence is deafening. Decorate the master of the house with the ‘Silently Judging You’ Cat ID Tag.

Free engraving. Add your pet's name to an ID tag! Can be customized with up to four lines of text on the backside.

Our laser engraving is guaranteed to last so your pet's way home will never rub off.

Shipping Estimate:  Will arrive to you in 5-7 business days.

Material: Brass, Gold Plating, and Hard Enamel.

Precautions:  Choke Hazard

Photos and content courtesy of Two Tails Pet Company

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