Personalized Bandana Bundles

Refresh your pet's old bandanas for a fresh and personalized bandana from The Worthy Dog. All of their bandanas are handmade here in the USA and are also a small business that we absolutely love working with.  We will take their awesome bandanas and personalize them in-house. We've looked at the best color and font options for each fabrics' pattern. 

Want to make a gift set for a new furry family member? Celebrating a Gotcha Day or Birthday. Or enjoying an awesome Thursday. 

Save 30% when you purchase 3 or more personalized bandanas.

enter discount code:   3FORME


***And you can mix and match bandanas with pet names to include multiple members of your furry family or friends.***

We can wrap it up and include a note. Just let us know. 

Bundles must be with The Worthy Dog bandanas only. Cannot be combined with any other manufacturer. Review Medals