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    Last year, we immediately answered the call to help fund WildEarth's daily safaris and are proud to be WildEarth Patron members. It was a sacrifice to take all of the savings we had made so far for a dream trip in 2021 to the Sabi Sands, but the thought was... if the WE team is gone, it won't be the same trip we've been dreaming of.

    But, the world has changed. And is changing hourly. As a small business, we've been hit hard over the last few weeks. And now, we can't answer the call to help as we did before. But, we do make dog and cat bandanas. Are do make them well! 

    As many of us are practicing "social distancing", some of us are blessed to have our fur-kids with us. How about a new bandana!

    We commit to collect 100% of the profits from the bandanas to the Indiegogo campaign. We are shipping solely to the US and I'll have to see what the shipping costs international. If you are outside of the states and want to order your bandana, we will process your order and work on getting it to you as soon as possible.

    For those in the states, please use Discount Code: WILDEARTH and you'll also receive free shipping on the bandana.

    Campaign Indiegogo:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/keep-our-daily-live-safaris-going#/

    Please choose from one of three styles:

    Red/Black Buffalo Plaid - $15 personalized with shipping

    White/Black Plaid - $15 personalized with shipping

    Pastel Plaid - $20 personalized with shipping